Suggestions, Comments and Complaints

Your opinion matters and it’s for this reason we encourage frank and open discussion and feedback regarding just about everything we do. We’re keen for patients to let us know what you think, whether it’s positive or negative and also to make some suggestions.

We take time to listen and understand so the way we see it, it’s by working in partnership that we can achieve the most advantageous outcomes for everyone involved. There are many ways we go about this, but most importantly the choice is yours.

Here’s some of the ways you can contact us and become involved. We’ve also listed the principal means of communication from ourselves, available to patients on an ongoing basis. Communication is a two-way process, so please get in touch whatever your reason.

Who to Contact About What

Please continue to visit our website. You can also contact us via letter, e-mail, phone or fax. Please see the Contact page for our contact details.

Our Facebook page provides a further source of information about us and the services we provide.

We accept that sometimes you may feel a need to complain. If this is the case, You might also find it helpful to speak to our Operations Team Leader, Charlotte Redgrave.

Charlotte will listen and help resolve issues and misunderstandings which may arise. She has day-to-day knowledge of situations which can occur in the life of a busy walk in centre and how we can best help put things right. You can contact Charlotte via Reception on 01722 331191. She will contact you at the earliest possible opportunity to arrange a convenient time to talk.

You may however prefer to write to us. If so, please address your letter to the Service Improvement Manager, Helen Moule.

Our address is available on the Contact page. We will acknowledge your concerns within 3 working days and will undertake a thorough investigation in order to response fully to the issues.